General Season Information

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Parental Involvement:

Perhaps you'd like to volunteer in some capacity with the league or team……GREAT!!  Our league is made up entirely of volunteers.  First step you need to do is complete and submit the volunteer application.  We are always looking for coaches, team support and board members.  Also, if you are unable to volunteer, please consider becoming a General Member of the league.  Pay the $5.00 fee prior to October 1st and this entitles you to nominate, be nominated and vote during the league elections held in December.  Talk to any Board Member for details regarding volunteering or league membership.

The mere fact that you registered your child to participate shows that you care and want to be part of your child's involvement in sports, we admire and appreciate that.  But there have been instances in the past where some children are simply "dropped off" at practice and games, left to fend for their selves.  Please stay at practices and games to support your child.  Also, your presence at the scheduled board meetings will ensure you’re up on what’s happening within the league and give you the opportunity to voice your opinion on issues that concern you.

Chain of Command:

It is very important that you know who, when and how to contact.  In most cases your team support contact should be the first call you make.  Please do not contact a board member to find out if practice has been cancelled or moved, as they will not know.  The board is busy getting information to the entire league.


The Panthers genuinely believe in maintaining a Positive Attitude.  It’s always easier to get down on someone when mistakes are made, rather than encourage.  We are all part of something bigger than ourselves, and we need to work together and encourage each other.  Please keep in mind that ALL our coaches, team support and board members are VOLUNTEERS.  They receive no payment for their services.  The Board extends every effort to make available to every coach, any possible training and information that can help educate them to make your child’s experience with the Panthers as safe, education and as fun as possible.

Team Fees:

In additional to registration and other necessities - you may be asked to pay a team fee, on average $25-30. This money is generally applied to team socks, pink out gear, the end of season party, coach gifts, team support gifts and miscellaneous practice/game items (paper cups, Gatorade, ice, snacks, etc). In the past, some squads have developed and handed out an expense sheet for the season for team fees.  They have accepted payments all at once, taken payments over time or collected at the times when the money was due.  Contact your team support to see if this is available.  Please be sure to get and keep receipts for any money turned over to any person.

Fund Raising:

Unfortunately the Panthers do not have unlimited funds or funding from corporate sponsors.  The bulk of the money that is brought into the league to pay for equipment, referees, and field maintenance comes from various fund raising efforts.  Please try to look favorably on this when you're asked to help with some aspect of these league functions, without them we could not continue our mission year-after-year.  Some of the fund raising events we've had success with are car washes, picture buttons, sponsorships and miscellaneous merchandise sales (cookie dough, candles, sports cups).  Also, from time to time we will support a local restaurant and they will provide a percentage of the sales from that time frame back to our league.

Sponsorship Drive:

We are always looking for sponsors for our league.  Please do what you can to help out this year.  Each team is responsible for bringing in a combined total of $500.00 worth of sponsorships.  There are many sponsorship plans to choose from – ranging from $5.00 to $1500.00.  Sponsorship ads can be either business or personal.


The league will set a schedule for team/individual photos to be taken at the field.  The photos are not mandatory to purchase, however it is recommended that you have your child included in the team photo.  As part of the league fund raising, buttons are made of each individual player/cheerleader and sold, so you may want to consider having the individual photo taken as well.

SCCSC Parking

We typically have 300 children involved with the league.  Do the math…..there are not enough parking spaces for everyone during practices/games.  At SCCSC please park ONLY in those areas that are permitted.  The Brevard County Parks and Recreation Department is very adamant about parking, you will be towed without hesitation.  Please do your best to not block others in as well.


We view your child as a student-athlete (i.e. student 1st, athlete 2nd).  We expect them to stay on top of their schoolwork and we try to reinforce the idea that when they get to the high school level it is required they maintain their grades.


Tobacco use will be in designated areas only, at any SCP or BCYFCA function.  There are designated areas at all fields for smoking.  There is ZERO tolerance of alcohol beverages at any function.


Proper nutrition is always vital.  A good sports diet helps accomplish two big jobs:

  • It keeps your child healthy and, if an injury does occur, it helps your child heal as quickly as possible.
  • It delays or prevents fatigue and allows your child to maintain a high energy level during practices/games.

In the past 30 years, scientists have sorted out many of the basics of sports nutrition.  They've found that -- despite the big business of sports drinks, energy gels and power bars -- sports nutrition boils down to the following basics:

  • Water

If you're child isn't getting enough water, all other aspects of nutrition really don't matter. All the purported magic of powders, pills and nutrition bars goes down the drain if an athlete is dehydrated.

Please make sure your child is drinking plenty of water during the day before coming to practices or games, not waiting until they arrive.

  • Carbohydrates

The exercising human body gets its energy primarily from a mixture of carbohydrates and fat. Carbohydrates are high-octane power fuel. Carbohydrates come mostly from foods high in starch or sugar, such as rice, potatoes, pasta, bread and fruit.

For your child to maintain quality practices and perform at their personal best, you've got to keep the carbohydrates coming.

  • Protein (primarily for football players)

Although a football player needs a little more protein than the average person, getting enough is not usually a concern. Football players typically eat a large amount of food and get more than enough protein. However, protein problems can arise if an athlete is restricting food intake for weight loss, or is eating something bizarre like an all-fruit diet. If your child is in the category of trying to lose weight, you shouldn't reduce protein too much while cutting calories. A diet low in calories must contain proportionately more protein. Two three-ounce servings of meat, fish or poultry daily, along with a sensible diet, can provide adequate protein.

  • Fats

Fat is low-octane fuel. Although it's a concentrated energy source, fat can't be used by the body as fast as carbohydrate to fuel exercise. Consequently, the body uses only a little fat for fuel during high-intensity exercise. This is why athletes in long events like a marathon perform better if they run the first part at a lower intensity, so they don't deplete their carbohydrate reserves. This allows them to rely more on fat for fuel and to conserve their precious muscle glycogen for later in the race.

  • The Proper Balance

It's back to basics.  Following the Food Guide Pyramid to get a good balance of the nutrients needed. Balanced nutrition is not based on a good-food/bad-food approach.  It depends on getting a wide variety of wholesome foods in reasonable proportions. Please take a look at a Food Guide Pyramid and keep things in balance.


Enough can’t be said about the benefits of getting the proper amount of rest. Your athlete needs to try and get at least 8 hours of sleep to be rested and ready for school and sports.

Pre-season Conditioning:

Our goal is not to stress-out, burnout or wear out your child, but a certain amount of physical preparation prior to the season commencing is highly recommended.  We encourage you to encourage your child to begin doing some simple calisthenics (jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups, leg raises, etc.), some jogging and equally important some stretching & flexibility exercises.  The purpose of some conditioning in the pre-season will be to help reduce and lessen the severity of any injuries sustained.

Which team is my child going to be on?

Only the Player Agent or Cheer Coordinator, in accordance with the BCYFCA Bylaws and Rules may officially place your child on the appropriate team.  Returning players are placed on their former team as long as restrictions are met.  If you desire to move your child to another team the Player Agent or Cheerleading Coordinator will try to accommodate the request.  New players are placed on teams in attempt to even up rosters or to aid teams with small numbers.

Your child's coach will be contacting you prior to the season beginning with date, location, time, and needed equipment for the first practice.


Practices typically commence in early July. Tackle football teams typically begin practice July 5th without pads for conditioning for three days as required by the county. The following week cheerleaders will begin practice.  The flag football players will begin the next week. We practice on our home field, Space Coast Communities Sports Complex at 662 Canaveral Groves Blvd., Cocoa 32926. Your child’s team support / coaching staff will inform you of any change in time or location of practices. We realize there's more going on in life than football and cheerleading...however, please try to have your child at all scheduled practices on time. Attendance requirements may vary from team to team so be sure to check with your child's coach regarding their policies on missing and being late for practices.

Kick-off Classic:

The first game of the season is our Kick-off Classic.  It is a full game that does not count towards the season stats.


Games begin approximately the second week of August and runs approximately 10 weeks. Typically, there are 5 home and 5 away games for each season. The BCYFCA board attempts to put the schedule together in a way that our league will all travel to the same away field on the same day. This will allow you to have children on separate divisions and still see them both participate.

Playoffs & Super Bowl:

At the end of the season, there is generally one weekend off and then playoffs take place the following two weeks. The season for the football players culminates with a super bowl game, which the teams must earn the right to play in. Cheerleaders who have a team in the playoff and/or super bowl are expected to support their team.

County Cheer Competition:

Brevard County Youth Cheerleading Competition is held the weekend following the super bowl. The cheer teams are automatically invited to participate in this competition, however it is not mandatory. This is a large event and usually takes place at one of the county high school stadiums. 

Life after the Panthers:

We take a great measure of pride in the fact that a great many of our cheerleaders and football players build upon the experience and knowledge they’ve gained by being a “Panther”.

Numerous Panthers' participants have gone on to play football or cheer for their high school.  Additionally, several of our former players & cheerleaders have taken their talents to the collegiate level.  We genuinely hope that by being a part of our league we can teach and inspire your child to not only become a better cheerleader or football player, but an overall better student and person.